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Who are we?

We are a Christian Church and charitable organisation based in the United Kingdom, although originating in Zimbabwe.

We believe in the gospel and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our mission is to preach to all people and nations, the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ. We declare to all that, He and only He is the way to heaven. Our goal is to spread the message of spiritual redemption and being born again in Christ, in order that one may receive eternal salvation and everlasting life.

Our Church mission is driven by God’s desire that we may all return to our Father in heaven, when we depart from this earth. We persevere to spread the Lord’s Gospel, by His grace and according to His will based on the principles of Jesus Christ, who came to save sinners and lead the souls to mankind to their Creator in Heaven above. We believe that the only way to have eternal life is through repentance of sins and acknowledging Christ as one’s saviour, fearing God and living ones’ life according to God’s will and commandments. All our work and activities are fulfilled through the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with Jesus Christ’s promise at Pentecost that He shall return and dwell amongst us as the Holy Spirit.