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Tithing and offering are at the core of the teachings of Masowe eChishanu (UK), as we believe that giving is an essential part of being a Christian and a member of society. The Lord teaches us the gospel of love, which is epitomised in to helping others, He encourages us to give to those less fortunate than ourselves when it is within our means. Jesus is the most generous person who has ever lived. He gave his life so that we might live. As Christians, we give our time, talent, and money joyfully in response to Jesus' generosity and to help more people meet Him. No gift is too small.

Tithes and donations form the core of the funding from which we derive the resources to sponsor our outreach projects. These projects include helping orphans, elderly and the under privileged to access education, clothing, food, shelter and medical services. From the same resources we also use these funds to pay for the day to day services of running the church, ministerial activities, missionary work and sponsoring programmes for the youth etc.

We appreciate your support. If you like to donate to our cause so that Masowe eChishanu (UK) can continue its' ministerial and outreach work. You have these options to make your contribution:

If you wish to send a donation via cheque then please send it to: Masowe eChishanu (UK), 113-115 Tong Road, Leeds LS12 1QJ

You can donate online by credit card or debit card using paypal

Donate via Gift Aid

Please note that you must pay at least as much UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the year of donation as Masowe eChishanu (UK), and any other charities and CASCs they donate to, will claim on their donation(s).

Please note we are governed by the data protection act of (1998) and will handle your information in accordance with this law.

Masowe eChishanu (UK) works very hard to ensure we are doing everything possible to properly manage the financial resources that God has entrusted to us. We are a member of the Charity Commission, an agency that helps charities develop and maintain God-honouring, ethical standards of financial accountability. We also invest in an annual audit performed by an independent, certified public accounting firm. When you give back to God through us, you can trust that your money will be handled responsibly –

Please free to check our charity details at the Charities Commission:

Our charity name is Masowe eChishanu (UK), charity number 1139649

We also accept and appreciate donations in kind, such as land, building material, furniture, stationery, uniforms, clothing and shoes which can be forwarded to various underprivileged groups.

If you have any enquiries please email [email protected]