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Outside our pastoral work, Masowe eChishanu are involved in various outreach projects within the local and international community. We believe that God is seen through the actions of those He uses, and that actions speak louder than words. Whilst strongly believing in evangelism, but our principle is that evangelism alone does not effect change in or improve the lives of others, however that the Lord uses us to touch and change the lives of those around us, no matter how big or small the gesture. Most of our outreach projects are conducted, but will not be limited to Zimbabwe; it is a starting point for our organisation. As a Church and a charity we feel strongly about giving back to the community, and what better place to start than those suffering from abject poverty in our nation of origin, whose economic problems have compounded the plight of those who were already disadvantaged. In the future, through Gods grace and guidance we plan to expand our outreach services and the countries in which we operate, we are in the process of looking at proposals for assistance to the elderly in Zimbabwe, to help them access food, shelter and health services. In 2014 we will be taking on a new school in another under privileged community which needs infrastructural assistance, text books, uniforms and fees for students.


We have been doing outreach work in an under privileged area of Binga, in Zimbabwe. Located in Matabeleland North, near the Kariba area, in this arid, infertile and impoverished area lies Chilelabazike Primary and Secondary School which had lacked meaningful development since the late 2000’s. Despite Lake Kariba being a tourist attraction and holiday centre, this community has not benefited from the surrounding tourism, and lacks adequate infrastructure. The junior school caters for over seven hundred pupils, but had no complete school blocks, nor did the secondary (high school).

Since we engaged in work in this community we have helped build school blocks, teachers’ quarters, provided texts book, notebooks and stationary as well as furnishing the school with chairs, desks and a safe. We sponsor fees for the orphaned students as well as the majority of these pupils who are unable to afford fees for various reasons. We provide students with school and sports uniforms, and continue to donate clothing to both students as well as their teachers. We have helped the school to become registered so that they become a recognised examination centre, allowing their students to take official exams such as O’ level exams. We will continue to support them with a vision to improve personal and professional development of both the students and teachers. We have been privileged to work with this humble, hardworking and united community in supporting them in their hopes for a better future for themselves, and their children.

Majakwara Primary School - Rusape

Majakwara Primary School is located in the Makoni East district of Manicaland province in Zimbabwe. It is a Seventh Day Adventist School with a total enrolment of 167 pupils. The school currently has three classroom blocks, but lacks funding and resources to further develop the school. Although having made this progress the school lacks furniture and also suffer a shortage of trained staff. The Majakwara community is under privileged and many children do not uniforms, let alone shoes to go to school, this problem is compounded by lack of enlightenment in the surrounding community where they have not placed value on child education and welfare, consequently financial resources are directed to other projects. As of March 2014 Masowe eChishanu (UK), has begun to support this community by paying school fees for disadvantaged families, and seeks to promote education within the community to give the children a better future and break the cycle of poverty. Being a new project, other initiatives will be incorporated into the agenda to help Majakwara primary school and community as time goes on.

ZBC Radio

In 2011, whilst conducting a missionary visit to Zimbabwe we noted that there were no gospel programmes on Radio Zimbabwe which is the main radio station in the native language, Shona. On investigation we realised that the gospel shows on this radio station had been cancelled due to lack of sponsorship within the country, as a Church the holy spirit revealed that this was a role we had to fulfil, and we have since gone on to sponsor six radio programmes on two different radio stations, in three different languages. The motivation behind this was in line with our mission as a Church to fulfil the objective to spread the gospel of Christ. Through the radio gospel shows we were also able to sponsor and promote new and upcoming gospel artists so that we could spread the gospel through music, making the word of God accessible throughout the country and bringing the gospel to people’s homes.

Chitungwiza Hospital

We have also worked with Chitungwiza hospital, praying with, offering emotional and spiritual support and providing uniforms for staff.

In the United Kingdom we have worked in local communities helping to clean up neighbourhoods, working with other Churches to curb youth unemployment and providing support activities for the youth to stay out of trouble. We are a member of SAVS and work with other organisations to promote cross-cultural integration, and embrace diversity with different cultures in our local communities.