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What we do

"Our purpose is to advance the Christian religion for the benefit of the public in such ways as to advance education, encourage spiritual growth, relieve financial hardship, promote and protect good health; and to provide facilities which improve the living conditions of those persons who need them by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement."

As a Church and charity, we at Masowe eChishanu believe in the moral and social obligations associated with being a Christian. We believe that we, as a Church, as well as our members have a responsibility to God to bring about positive social and moral transformation to the societies in which we live. Our work extends far beyond the Church walls, at this point in time we are engaged in the following activities:

  • Pastoral care
  • Human rights/religious and racial harmony/equality or diversity
  • Overseas aid
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Prevention and relief of poverty
  • Advancement of health and saving lives

Our services cater for various groups including children, young adults, the elderly and the general public, and we operate in Southend-on-sea, Leeds, Luton, Nottingham, Coventry and Zimbabwe.